Writer's Block: Riddle me this
What is something that just doesn't make sense to you?
Death. Young, unjustified, unfair, death. I understand it has to happen. It is inevitable, and a part of the life cycle. But at a certain time. After our lives are fulfilled, and we are old. Not young people who have so much to live for.

Writer's Block: Blast to the past
If you could travel back in time, what would you tell your 10-year-old self?
Have confidence, People do love you, Stand up for yourself, Respect yourself, Try hard in school, Keep your friends close, Help Chelsea

Writer's Block: BFF
How long have you had your best friend?
I met my best friend the first day of 3rd grade...I'm a senior in high school. 9 years :] I love her very much and am very very blessed to have her <3

Writer's Block: Mother Monster returns
In three words, how would you describe Lady Gaga?

sexy, crazy, inspirational

I really need to stop doing this
Earth to Tiffany, school is important. Stop making lame excuses to get called out. Or even good excuses. It's just not good enough to keep missing school. It's so important, and I have to stay there for a whole friggin day. I'm just a little sick of it, and I don't know why. Maybe because it's getting harder. It's still do-able though. -_- I don't know. I guess I can fool everyone else, but if I know the truth, I just feel worse. :( I'm going to get so far behind and that's so stressful. UGH. :[[
Write some other time.

How about I blog some more.
It seems to make me feel better. Like it's my online diary? Yeah. Something like that. Well I left school in the middle of second hour today. My mom called me out. I've really been thinking about my sister. I miss her so much, and today I felt like nothing would make me stop crying. I'm just so sad. I don't know how to put it any other way.. I'm a little sick of being alone all the time, but it's kind of my fault. I mean, I chose to live like this right? Or is it fate? I'm not even sure I believe in fate. In english, were reading the Canterbury Tales, and we just read the Knights Tale. We were talking about fate vs free will. I'm not sure which is which. Or I guess which one is right, or the truth. When does science and studies step out of the picture, and some higher power step in? Is there a higher power? I suppose what I'm getting at is why this happened to me. Was it God that chose the lifestyle Chelsea led? Was it already planned that everything that has happened, was going to happen one way or another? Is it some type or karma? As far as I know, no one in my family deserved the pain and agony that has been brought upon us. And my sister sure as hell didn't deserve to die. I don't know. Things like this make it really, really hard for me to believe in God. Why would he make this happen? Why is there any type or hate in this world? What happened to innocence? Do people just grow up? Maybe that's it. Maybe suffering is apart of growing up, and becoming who you are. But if me growing up means loosing my big sister, then screw it. I'd rather be a child forever.
Someone PLEASE answer. Tell me what you think. Cause I'm out of answers, and sick of wondering.

Back to Black.
..But not really. The last time I wrote, stuff was going on.. Stuff I don't want to talk (technically write) about on here, but it really sucked.
Anyways, I wrote to Jake. I don't know if I ever told you about him. He's been locked up for awhile. He's Lauren's step-brother. (Lauren as in my ex-ish best friend. We didn't get in a fight or anything, the friendship just kind of ended. Were alright now, just not as close as we were) So me, Lauren and Jake have all hung out and it was really a lot of fun. He had a "crush" on me back then, and he was cool, but It just was bad timing, i guess you could say. He's been in jail for awhile now, and I've wrote him letters before, I just never sent them. I finally did. And doing that makes me want to clean my room, and not put off homework, and keep up with chores. Not be such a procrastinator.

Writer's Block: Extraordinary Inspirations
What inspires you in life? What makes you want to reach for the stars and do something truly extraordinary?

People who overcome something tragic, and be okay. Someone who's strong, and does something wonderful for the sake of the community/another person.

Writer's Block: Fly me to the moon
Do you think space exploration is important? Is it worth the billions our governments spend?

I think when we have the money, yes, it is important to study the milky way and explore other planets. But when the economy is so bad, there are other, more important things the government should be focusing on.

School is getting harder.. I feel like I have a quiz/test almost everyday. I feel so pressured. So stressed out. I'm so on top of school and keeping my house clean and in order, and I feel like no one else really cares that much. I feel like I'd be better and happier in my own house. Just being on my own and taking care of myself. I love my parents and my my brother, but I'm sick of always having to take care of them. My mom has no energy or motivation anymore. She's never happy unless she's drinking. She just sleeps and watches TV. It makes me sad. :/ ugh, I don't know. Well I gotta start my homework.


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